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Rowan Joseph

Rowan Joseph is a 19 year old songwriter and performer raised in Annapolis, Maryland. She began singing when she was 5 years old and started songwriting in her early teen-hood. Once she reached high school she started to delve more into her love for songwriting and spent her summers studying songwriting at Interlochen Arts camp as well as working with producers and record labels in Los Angeles and pursuing her musical career.


Summer of 2016 saw the release of Rowan's debut EP "Written Down", which was independently released and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. Rowan will be joining Jake Miller as his Overnight Sensation on the Orlando leg of his US tour, and she can be found performing in social scenes around Orlando. Upon graduation from Full Sail University, she plans on moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of establishing herself as a recording artist and writing songs for herself and other artists.

Dueling Dragons, Rowan Joseph, Soundtrack, "Stand", composer
Dueling Dragons, Premiere, Gina Watson, Rowan Joseph, Emily Waldron, Backstage, Global Peace Film Festival
Rowan Joseph, Dueling Dragons, Film, Global Peace Film Festival
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Emily is from Vienna, VA and studied recording arts at Full Sail University. She teamed up with Rowan to record and polish this song, which was written especially for the Dueling Dragons story. The events that were happening in the world were a large influence on the writing of the song "Stand" and Emily and Rowen put their intense feelings into words and beautiful notes  to create a powerful song and also a perfect message for the film "Dueling Dragons".

Dueling Dragons, Premiere, Stand, Emily Waldron, Rowan Joseph, Pic, Song
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