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MPV Crew "Captures" Ghosts at the Tampa Theatre

This summer the MPV Crew had the honor of being invited to a private late night tour of the gorgeous and historic Tampa Theatre. Built in 1926, the theatre was designed by architect John Eberson, who created many gorgeous and unique movie palaces throughout the United States. He is known for his detail - and the cost saving methods he developed to thematically transport visitors to another world could have been an inspiration for the likes of Walt Disney.

We were invited for our private tour by the Director of Marketing and Community Relations, Jill Witecki, and her longtime paranormal team, Genesis Paranormal Services (GPS). Mother and son ghost hunting duo Janet and Ryan of K2 Investigations won a contest to join the tour. Jeremy, Director of GPS, led the investigation along with team members Valerie, Sara, Mike and Pam.

The tour focused on areas of the theatre in which staff and patrons have noticed unexplained phenomenon throughout the years. From Dressing Room 2 in the basement (rare for any Florida building to have one), to the projection booth where Fink Finley is said to reside. Fink was a projectionist at the theatre from 1930-1965. Some have had experiences which lead them to believe that he has continued to show up for work 6 days a week since his death.

During the tour, we experienced ALOT of REM pod activity, lights coming on by themselves and loud noises that cannot be explained. We even met a ghost that hadn't been officially added to the theatre's list of "approved" ghost stories. Ryan asked some questions with his dowsing rods and we are pretty certain Jill will be talking about this ghost on tours from now on!

The film will debut at 2:00 pm Saturday, October 21, 2017 at the Tampa Theatre and will be available for stream/purchase on Amazon Video. Don't miss this fun and scary film, a lovingly told story of a well known place, featuring former usher and radio personality John Bohannon and Thomas Kontos-Craddock as Fink Finley.


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