Dueling Dragons Premieres on Vuuzle

MPV's Documentary Dueling Dragons is now streaming free on a hot new network, Vuuzle! CLICK to WATCH FREE here

Dueling Dragons takes you inside the world of Dragon Boat racing and introduces you to an unusual team in Orlando, Florida made up of City Cops and Inner City Kids.

Experience the thrills of their sport and life victories and relive one of their darkest moments when a teammate is killed in action. It's a powerful story that will change the way you look at 'winning'.

Featuring Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer, Police Chief John Mina, Dragon Boat expert Shally Wong and a cast that will potentially change your way of thinking about Cops, Race and unexpected loss.

Watch FREE on Vuuzle, and be sure to check out the rest of their lineup which includes an incredible selection of films, tv shows and live news. Vuzzle.com or get the app. And we truly hope you enjoy Dueling Dragons, a film that is dear to our heart that we hope will find its way into yours. Thanks for watching.

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