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MPV New Releases February 2022

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Here's our New Releases and Networks for Premieres in February 2022, thanks for watching!

Evil Beneath is a Documentary Film that explores the hauntings in St. Augiustinne Florida with a Team of Ghost Hunters and Psychics. Available as part of the Digital Collection at Overdrive.

MPV's Original Documentary Film EVIL BENEATH is now part of the Digital Collection at your Library through Overdrive. Overdrive offers you thousands of film, ebooks, music titles and more, all free with your library card!

EVIL BENEATH takes you to America's oldest and most haunted city, St. Augustine, Florida and explores the hauntings at America's Oldest Lighthouse, an old Antique Shop, the Oldest Street in America and more!

Featuring Janet and Ryan (from Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures") Karen Santiago (from "Real Haunts"), the Keeper of the Lighthouse, the Caretaker of The Old City Jail and more! Check your local library for details on this title on Overdrive. Available 2/22/2022. Rated PG-13.

3D Print the Future, Xumo, Season 1, Poster

MPV's Original Series 3D PRINT THE FUTURE is now available for streaming on Comcast's XUMO.

Season 1 introduces you to Engineer Scott Tarcy who gives you an inside view of 3D Printing and the 3D Printing Community. S-1 also features Naomi Wu, the world's premiere 3D Printing authority and Inventor Bart Briggs, who shares his latest inventions. All FREE to streaming on XUMO in February 2022.

MPV's Original Documentary REAL HAUNTS has been chosen to join the TCL family. TCL is the Official Channel of the awesome TCL TVs and Technology and offers thousands of films and shows native to their televisions and included in Roku.

REAL HAUNTS takes you on a haunted journey to a Real Haunted House, a Real Haunted Movie Palace, a Real Haunted Florida Hotel inhabited by Al Capone's Ghost, a Real Haunted Swamp complete with a Swamp Bride and more! Rated PG-13.

Real Haunts: Ghost Towns on Xumo Documentaries,

MPV's latest Original Documentary Film REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS has been selected for Comcast's Brand New Channel Doc+ on XUMO. Streaming Free Here, just click

This Doc takes you to America's most Haunted Ghost Towns with "The Beard of Knowledge" Mark Hall-Patton, the "Sheriff" of Gold Point, Nevada, the Caretaker of a Haunted Mine Museum, the Couple that owns Hollywood's favorite Ghost Town and more!

FREE on XUMO. Rated PG-13.

The Executive Empress, Documentary, Poster, Amazon Prime Video

MPV's The Executive Empress is an original film that reveals the success secrets of 5 Women who have said goodbye to their 9-5 jobs and hello to creating their own success stories. You'll go inside the lives of these women and find out what makes them drive on with their passions. Featuring Lion King Star Selloane Nkhela, Radio Talk Show Host Julie Wilder, Hot Sauce Queen Wendy Davis, Florida Soap's CEO Misty Wheeler Belin. With Special Musical Guests Jessy Lynn Martens (Archer tv show), Milka, Kelli Johnson and more.

FREE with Prime on Amazon Prime Video. Rent and Buy Options also available. Rated PG-13.

The Real Haunted Mansion, In the Mood, Thurl Ravenscroft, Elliot Brothers, Song

New on Soundcloud from MPV! The Original Voice of "The Haunted Mansion" Attraction at Disneyworld/land Thurl Ravenscroft is back with a New Hit Song! Actually it's an old song that we discovered and restored to it's former glory for our Hit Film "The Real Haunted Mansion", now streaming on Tubi, Xumo, Plex, Prime Video, Hoopla, Overdrive and Vudu/Fandango. Enjoy "In the Mood" on Soundcloud. Just click Thurl above to listen free!

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