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The Real Haunted Mansion 2 Trailer Materializes

The Official Trailer of MPV's New Original Doc "The Real Haunted Mansion 2" has premiered exclusively on IMDb you can watch here:

The Full Length Film will Premiere Halloween Season 2023, more details to come.

The First Film "The Real Haunted Mansion" continues to be a popular title around the world and we really loved working with the Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts Team out of Panama City Beach who were and continue to be one of Florida's top Teams (#1 in our opinion!)

We shot the first film in 2015 which is hard to believe and we haven't done a sequel because we didn't really have a Mansion or a Team that worked out.

Then the historic Peirce Mansion came into our life. And a great new Paranormal Team Para 911 out of Sioux City, Iowa in the Heart of the Heartland. It all just came together along with the OK from the Officials at the Sioux City Museum Association and away we went to experience an incredible shoot filled with the Real History that we captured for all time, and pretty crazy events that happened in each of the Mansions 140 year old rooms including the Basement (wait until you see this).

Matt Anderson's Face from  the Haunted Peirce Mansion
Peirce Mansion Curator Matt Anderson

Our History Team in "The Real Haunted Mansion 2" are 2 great experts, we think THE experts for this home. Matt Anderson is a Museum Director and the Curator of the Mansion and worked inside this historic treasure for many years and reveals the real history and stories along with newly restored photos and film that help these gems come to life. We wanted to be absolutely PBS true to these stories and preserve this history told first hand.

Also on hand is George Lindblade, a lifelong "Siouxlander" Photo Journalist and Creator who created the famous cow spot design on the Gateway Computer box. That fact is actually under debate now and more will be revealed in our upcoming George Documentary Film. Was it George or Ted Waitt? We'll let you decide. Mr. Lindblade contributes some great 'haunted tales' in this Film.

The Paranormal Team featured in this Film is Para 911, a group of experts who have investigated and solved Paranormal issues throughout the American Midwest. These folks are the real deal plus they have a really cool ambulance turned Ghostbustin' Machine with all the ghostly features. You'll meet them all as they enter this Mansion for the very first time since they were kids, but this time they are armed with K2 Meters and Spirit Boxes. Para 911 also takes you to a home down the street from the Mansion that witnessed tragedy and this site is emotionally, very emotionally investigated. It may break your heart but we felt it was important for this story, and the story of Para 911's resolution needed to be told.

Para 911's Tina Tibbetts  in front of the Peirce Mansion.
Para 911's Tina Tibbetts

"The Real Haunted Mansion 2" Rated PG-13, for some scary moments. More to come on how you can watch this Halloween and hopefully you will experience this unique location filled with some very interesting, knowledgeable and fun people.

And again Watch the Official Trailer here:

Para 911 Founder Dave LaFluer

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