Spirits in the Storm, Movie Poster, Documentary, Film, Motion Picture Video, Bellamy Bridge, Florida
Spirits in the Storm takes you to a STORMY, MYSTERIOUS part of Rural Florida with a Legendary Swamp Bride. The story is told in this film that journeys into the famously haunted Bellamy Bridge with the resident ghost hunters and historians. Strange history comes alive-mysterious boat wrecks, unexplained figures, weird lights and the largest storm ever to hit this area.



An expert resident team of Ghost Hunters and Historians take you on a journey to one of the most mysterious places on Earth! Meet Tracy, Susan, Deidre and Kenny, the investigative team. Dale Cox and Pam Fuqua share the lore and facts of this incredible area of Florida.

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Spirits in the Storm, Documentary, Poster, Artwork, Film, Hurricane Michael, Bellamy Bridge, Marianna, Florida