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Season 1 NOW STREAMING on Tubi

3d Print the Future, Season 1, Episode 1, The 3D Engineers

In Episode 1 "The 3D Engineers, host Scott Tarcy welcomes Inventor Bart Briggs as they explore the art of 3D Printing and the latest tech behind it. And discover Scott's big black object! With special guests Mr. Wizard Don Herbert and the cast of Pawn Stars.

3d print the future, season 1, episode 2, The 3d worlds of Jeremy and Naomi, Documentary, Series

In Episode 2 "The 3D World's of Jeremy and Naomi", you'll meet 2 incredibly different 3d designers. Scott stops by Jeremy Proffitt's "Creative Dungeon" and discovers new inventions and Internet sensation Naomi Wu displays her unique style of designing.

3D Print the Future, IMdB
3d print the future, season 1, episode 3, The Perky Collars, David Frankel, Series, Documentary, Scott Tarcy, Brett Gerking

In Episode 3 "The Perky Collars" Scott welcomes Inventor and "Perky Collar" creator David Frankel and they take to the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina to test out their inventions. Discover the ins and outs of 3d printing with Bart Briggs and Jeremy Proffitt too!


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