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MPV Remembers Hazel Henderson who passed away on May 22, 2022.
We were luck enough to interview Ms. Henderson for "The Executive Empress",  here's part of that interview.

From Disney's Lion King star to Radio Show Host, explore the fascinating worlds of 6 unique women who have turned their talents into profits in the Documentary Film The Executive Empress. Discover the unusual secrets these female entrepreneurs use to create success. With Hazel Henderson, WPRK's Julie Wilder, Lion-King/Cirque-Du-Soleil Vocalist Selloane Nkhela, Misty Wheeler-Belin of Florida Soap Company, Wendy Davis of Poca's Hottest, Kelli Johnson, Lisa Valentine and more! Streaming FREE on PLEX and on XUMO and Mometu or Rent or Buy your very own Digital Copy on Amazon Prime Video.

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