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Production is underway for MPV's Documentary Film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns at rarely seen locations throughout Nevada, USA. Our cameras already have captured incredible sites and strange things at the historic Goldfield, Nevada-including a Haunted Hotel, an Old West Graveyard and the infamous Car Forest (just wait till you see this!) Plus we were granted exclusive access to the Gold Point Ghost Town with the caretaker and "Sheriff" of this old west treasure who invited us into his own private "Saloon".  Plus we go to the 3000 Miles to Graceland filming location with the owners of a real Ghost Town, who just so happen to be former employees of Area 51. Complete with unclassified footage of this famous area of Nevada. We have digitally restored this exclusive footage from the "Cold War" era and is presented in HD for the first time.
And if that's not enough-get ready to visit the Area 51 Graveyard in Las Vegas with Caretaker Cindy! 
It's all in this 1 incredible Documentary Film REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS featuring Mark Hall Patton, the "Beard of Knowledge" from History Channel's "Pawn Stars".
For Exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES click here. And make sure and watch the original REAL HAUNTS. FREE ON TUBI   click here
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