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Real Haunts: Ghost Towns, Poster, Film, Movie, Documentary, Paranormal, Nevada, Las Vegas, Streaming

Ghosts Towns have never been this strange....or haunted! MPV's Original Documentary Real Haunts: Ghost Towns takes you to Gold Point Ghost Town, where you'll see an exclusive interview with "The Sheriff", who reveals the strange activity here.  The filming location of 3000 Miles to Graceland (Kevin Costner) is also haunted, and you'll get a VIP tour with the Owners of Nelson Ghost Town. Much more with "The Beard of Knowledge" Mark Hall Patton (Pawn Stars) and the Paranormal Landon Family. Plus 2 Haunted Mines, Goldfield Cemetery, The Area 51 Graveyard, more! Rated PG-13/TV-MA/TV-14. WATCH HERE ON TUBI (FREE!)

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