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MPV Short Films

Circles: Homeless in Paradise
Rated PG

This short Film chronicles the stories of several people in Panama City Beach, Florida that discovered a solution for their homelessness.  Watch the real situation. Featuring Barbara Moore. Cinematography: Nick Reese

History of Glenwood Florida
Rated G
The History of Glenwood, Florida is an intimate look at this unique Community in Panama City with Historian Robert Hurst of the Bay County Historical Society and Barbara Moore of the Glenwood Working  Partnership.


Spirits in the Swamp

Rated PG-13/TV-14   Only on Amazon Prime Video

MPV's Original Documentary Film explores the myths, legends and paranormal at Bellamy Bridge, Florida. Home of several murders, many ghost sightings and the Oldest standing Bridge in Florida. With Historian Dale Cox, E.C.P.C., Pam Fuqua.

Memories of the Old  South

Rated G

Relive a Century of memories with legend Margaret K. Lewis. Margaret K. Lewis is the founder of Florida's first school for disabled children and paved the way for women in education.In this interview, her last before she passed away in 2019.

Memories of  the Old South Part 2

Rated G

In Part 2 of our Historic Interview with Margaret Kennedy Lewis, find out how life was like in Panama City. Florida nearly 100 years ago from someone who was there. Mary K. Lewis started the first School for disabled children.

ZenWorld1920x1080.jpg, Documentary, Zen Awakening, Florida, Disney World, Film, Amazon Prime Video

Zen World

Rated PG-13/TV-14

Take a Trip to A World completely opposite from our own! Journey inside one of the world's most unique gatherings, located just minutes from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida with Zen and Live Music.

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