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Loco Ghosts, The Movie Database, TMD, link, Documentary Film

Get ready for MPV's Wildest Paranormal Ride yet! Loco Ghosts is our brand new feature Documentary that uncovers the ghostly secrets at an American Train Museum with a Team of Ghost Hunters, Witnesses and Staff who invite you to join them on this Museum's very first Paranormal Investigation. Featuring Larry and T.J. Obermeyer, creators of this huge location, Para 911 from "The Real Haunted Mansion 2" plus Native Representative Trisha Rivers, Student Investigators Maddox Randall Haake and Derek LaFleur and many other new and familiar faces.

We captured some incredible sights and paranormal moments that you will just not believe.  This new Feature Film premieres 2024 on a Major Network. More info here at TMDB

Featuring brand new music from  Disney Legends Phil Harris (Jungle Book), Scatman Crothers (The Shining, Aristocats), Burle Ives (Heidi) and more. You can listen now for free below with our Soundcloud Channel.

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