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Real Haunts 3 is a 2023 Documentary Film that uncovers the Paranormal Secrets of 4 incredible locations.  Featuring Mark Hall-Patton (Beard of Knowledge from "Pawn Stars", the Landon Paranormal Family (from Real Haunts 2), Psychic Michelle Orwick (Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures), Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts (The Real Haunted Mansion) and many new faces to the Real Haunts series including Midwest Paranormal Files and others.

Real Haunts 3 takes you to  an abandoned Asylum in Minnesota, a Curiosity Shop on the Oldest Street in America, famously haunted Goldfield Ghost Town and  the Man in the Sea Museum in Panama City
Beach, Florida. Watch  this Full length Film streaming  now worldwide FREE LINK HERE

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Real Haunts 3, Sling tv, free stream, documentary, streaming, Mark Hall Patton, Nevada, Las Vegas
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