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Spirits in the Swamp is a Documentary Film that uncovers the tales of murder, mayhem and the paranormal at one of the most unusual places on Earth.

The Bellamy Bridge is located in North Florida near Marianna and holds the distinction of being the oldest bridge in the state, built in 1840.  In it's lifetime it's seen Civil War battles, Moonshiner murders, family tragedies and many instances of strange sounds and lights. A local Paranormal Team from Panama City Beach investigates this historical area and experiences their own ghostly encounters, captured in this film.  More details at IMDb here

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Historian Dale Cox

Dale Cox is a long time Jackson County Florida resident and is the unofficial Keeper of the famed Bellamy Bridge. He has written several books on the haunts in the area and is featured in the film Spirits in the Swamp at the actual spot of several paranormal encounters. Mr. Cox is your guide through this film and reveals all the secrets!

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Florida Tourism Pam Fuqua

Pam Fuqua is a life long Jackson County Florida resident and was the Curator of this historic area for many years. Her knowledge of the legends and stories come first hand and Ms. Fuqua was gracious to share her vast knowledge for this Documentary. She appears in the film from the Great Oaks Mansion, the last Antebellum home built in the USA.

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The Bride of Bellamy Bridge

The Bride of Bellamy Bridge has been a legend in Jackson County for over 100 years and sightings of the ghostly Bride are still experienced to this day.  Elizabeth Jane Bellamy died a ghastly death on May 11, 1837 and is recreated for this Film with the help of actress Katie Galloway who was filmed at the actual location of the tragedy.

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