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The Real Haunted Mansion 2
is a new MPV Original Documentary that reveals the ghostly secrets (for the first time!) of a 140 year old Midwest American Mansion with Historians and a Top Paranormal Team. This full length Film unveils the stories, legends and ghostly activity in real time of the famous John Peirce Mansion in Iowa, which had never been explored like this before now. The rich history of this Historic Treasure comes to life with rare and never before seen historical photos and film. Millions of kids in the America Midwest explored this Mansion when it was a Museum. Now some of those kids return, this time exploring their past in THE Mansion from their memories.

Featuring Photo Journalist and Historian
George Lindblade, the Curator Matt Anderson and a Paranormal Team, Para 911, that investigates the hot spots of this beautiful and mysterious Gothic Mansion and also take you to a Darker Location just blocks from the Mansion. Our cameras caught plenty of intriguing interviews and real unexplained activity throughout that you will see in the new Documentary.
A few surprises too! The Real Haunted Mansion 2, a unique one of a kind Film that will take you on a true haunted and history adventure that has never been seen before now. Available to Rent or Own on Amazon Prime Video.  CAST INFO HERE
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