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Real Haunts 4 is MPV's newest full length Film that uncovers the ghostly secets at 4 incredible Haunted Hot Spots with "Pawn Stars" Mark Hall-Patton and an incredible, diverse Paranormal Investigators, Historians and Caretakers  on a one of  kind spirited adventure coming in October!

First, a Real Haunted Gothic Mansion,  at an un-investigated Historical Treasure in Iowa. We have been granted permission to be the first Film Team and Paranormal Team to ever investigate an old Mansion turned Museum turned Mansion, an historic treasure that has been visited by millions  over the years but has never been seen in a Film before and has never been investigated by any Team.

We are welcoming a
brand new Team to Real Haunts 4 and we think you'll like them, they are Experts with a brand new Ghost Bustin' Machine. And you'll meet  ultra-knowledgable new Historians that will  give us and you the complete tour-then we will investigate for the first time in real  time. Who knows what will happen! We have been at this location and it is old, beautiful and very creepy.  Production photos below.

Real Haunts 4 also takes you back to the Oldest and Most Haunted Lighthouse in America with an all new Paranormal Adventure with Karen Santigo,  Luis Santiago, Kelcie Lloyd and Joyce Duncan returning for even more Paranormal experiences we captured at this historic location on the Atlantic.

America's most haunted Train Museum is also featured  in Real Haunts 4 with never before seen footage that captures the ghostly activity there with 2 Paranormal Teams!

Also we're headed to landmark locations in and around Las Vegas, Nevada with those details soon.
We can tell you "Pawn Stars" Mark Hall-Patton is back with some incredible real tales of History and Haunts!

Real Haunts 4 coming October 2024. Check back And thanks for the HUGE success of Real Haunts 3, it is appreciated. Real Haunts 1,2,3 are Now Playing on Tubi, Plex, The Roku Channel, Xumo and Amazon Prime Video. And Sling Free TV AND:
Real Haunts New on YouTube TV here
Real Haunts 2: Ghost Towns New on YouTube TV here
Real Haunts 3 New on YouTube Stash Mystery Channel here:

Behind the Scenes Pics

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