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An Original Documentary Film Now Streaming

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If you remember when "Going to the Movies" was a big  deal, this film is  for you. You'll  be  whisked away to America's Last Great Movie Palace off the Coast of Florida with the Ushers, Artists, Fans, Staff and people that have had their lives changed by this Original Grand Palace. There is nowhere like it. 

The Last Movie Ride is a Documentary Film from MPV that presents 100 years of Movie Theater stories and memories originating from one of America's very last grand movie palaces, the Tampa Theater in Tampa, Florida. Featuring a Cast of Movie Palace employees from the past 75 years.

Since it's Opening in 1926, this Theater has been the epicenter of audience excitement and historical events. John F. Kennedy was here just 4 days before his assassination. Martin Luther King Jr. was here, helping to abolish the segregation laws of the area.

It's a time travel through a century of emotions and events. The Last Movie Ride is a documentary film you won't want to miss. NEW ON PLEX HERE (FREE)  Watch FREE here on NBC/U's XUMO   Or Watch on Tubi Here FREEly with ads

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