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Printing Fashion
3D Print Masters, documentary, 3d printing, Xumo, Comcast
3d Print Masters, Bart Briggs, Documentary, Film, Motion Picture Video, Brett Gerking, Gina Watson

3D Print Masters is a Documentary Film that uncovers the secret world of the 3D Printing Community. You'll meet "The Inventor" Bart Briggs (seen right) who will take you to the world of 3D Printing along with "the Engineer" Scott Tarcy, world renowned artist Naomi Wu, "The Tinkerer" Jeremy Proffitt, "The Collar Man" David Frankel and more. Now Streaming, links below:

3d print masters, film, cineverse, link
xumo play, 3d print masters, documentary, 3d printing, link
Illuminated Structure
3D Round Ridges
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