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Motion Picture Video's Original Documentary The Real Haunted Mansion began at the Man in the Sea Museum. This incredible Museum is home to a large collection of SeaLab equipment and underwater craft. This is also where Emerald Coast Paranormal was investigating this location in Panama City, Beach Florida and this is where we first met them and were invited to join them at an investigation at a Real Haunted House. That home was revealed to be the famous Russ House in Marianna, Florida and was one of the last antebellum mansion built (1887).

As our cameras rolled, a rich story unfolded. Stories of the glory days of the house, the tragic suicide of the builder of the home, the strange events that have occurred at this location for nearly 100 years, the Civil War battles that occurred on the very spot of the home.  Plus former Resident Merritt Dekle provided a treasure trove of memories and stories that are recreated by Actor Jason Hedden for this film. Here's a look at the RHM Production. For more on the Man in the Sea Museum, watch our Doc Spirits in the Storm. Watch on Tubi and Vudu.

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