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Motion Picture Video (MPV) is a Digital/Film Production Company specializing in Documentary Films. In this tough time for us all, MPV hopes that these stories will help you in your journey, probably your toughest yet, to weather the storms and see the light on the other side. Wherever you are at, we wish you the very best. Please enjoy all of our films free, click to stream titles.
Dueling Dragons Film streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Documentary, Dragon Boat, Racism, Orlando, Florida, Cops, Inner City Kids
Dueling Dragons is a Documentary Film that explores the unique relationships between Florida Cops and Inner City Youth through an ancient water sport. Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide
3d Print the Future, season 1, Bart Briggs, Naomi Wu, tv series, Motion Picture Video, Brett Gerking



Spirits in the Storm Trailer
Spirits in the Storm, Documentary, Florida, Bellamy Bridge, Elizabeth Bellamy, Hurricane Michael
The Real Haunted Mansion, Tubi,tv,documenary, haunted mansion

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prime video

A Documentary Film about Passion and Success

Meet the Executive Empresses! MPV's film features the dreams, battles, failures and success of 5 unique women.

JULIE WILDER an original entrepreneur and radio talk show with a cosmic business.

SELLOAINE NKHELA a Lion King and Cirque Du Soleil performer filled with song and pain.

HAZEL HENDERSON the originator of The Clean Air Act with Robert Kennedy-fighting her battle in today's climate.

Plus Hot Saucy Wendy Davis, "Archer" star Jessy Lynn Martens and much more. Watch now, FREE with Prime Membership!


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