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Mum & Son's Chilling Adventures

Documentary/Horror PG-13

The world's only Mother and Son Ghost Hunting team embark on an journey to a Haunted Lighthouse, a Ghostly Movie Palace, Al Capone's Hangout, St. Augustine Old City Jail & more. Featuring Neil Gaimon & Harry Anderson


Real Haunts: Ghost


Documentary/Drama/Horror  PG-13

A New Film that reveals the ghostly secrets of America's most fascinating and haunted Ghost Towns. With Host Mark Hall Patton (Pawn Stars), Bobbie and Tony Werly (Nelson Ghost Town), a Parannormal Family, more!  Now Playing on Tubi

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3D Print Masters

Documentary  PG-13

Enter the exciting world of 3D Printing with the Industry's Top Inventors, Engineers and Designers in MPV's Original Documentary Film now streaming FREE on Xumo. With Inventor Bart Briggs, Naomi Wu, Engineers Scott Tarcy, more!



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The Real Haunted Mansion, Documentary, Film, Motion Picture Video, Brett Gerking, Tubi, Streaming
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EXPLORE a 100 year old MOVIE PALACE!


         his FLORIDA HIDEAWAY!


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Real Haunts: Ghost Towns, imdb, documentary, film, MPV, Brett Gerking

Real Haunts: Ghost Towns is a new Documentary Film that explores America's Ghost Towns with "Pawn Stars" expert Mark Hall-Patton as your guide! You'll meet the Owners of a Real Ghost Town, an employee of Area 51, the "Sheriff" of Goldpoint, Nevada, a Family of Ghost Hunters and much, much more! Now playing on Tubi worldwidePLUS CHECK OUT this Podcast with The Apocalypse Project and Cast from this film LISTEN HERE

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Motion Picture Video (MPV) is a Digital/Film Production Company specializing in Documentary Films. Our titles include the worldwide hit The Real Haunted Mansion, the award winning Dueling Dragons Ghosts Behind the Screen , Real Haunts, Spirits in the Storm and coming soon The Last Movie Ride and Real Haunts: Ghost TownsPlease enjoy all of our films on these great networks around the world: Amazon Prime Video, Tubi, Pluto TV, CBS All Access, Pantaflix, Screambox, Hoopla, Mucho-TV, Social Club TV,  Comcast's Xumo, various Roku channels and Sony, LG, Panasonic and more Smart TVs.  MPV adheres to all Covid 19 guidelines during our current productions and practices safe production policies.
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3D Print Masters, Poster, Documentary, Film, Motion Picture Video, Scott Tarcy, Bart Briggs, Jeremy Proffitt, David Frankel, Naomi Wu, 3d printing

3D Print Masters takes you inside the exciting world of 3D Printing with the Creators and Artists that reveal their secrets. FREE TO WATCH ON XUMO!
With Scott Tarcy, Bart Briggs, Mr. Wizard, Naomi Wu, "The Collar Man" and more!


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