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The Last Movie Ride, Documentary, Film, Tampa Theater, Florida, Tubi
Spirits in the Storm, Documentary, Film, Tubi, Bellamy Bridge, Bride, Marianna, Florida
Real Haunts: Ghost Towns, Documentary, Poster, 2000x3000, Mark-Hall Patton, Beard of Knowledge, Tubi
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MPV's Original Documentary Films:
Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures   The Real Haunted Mansion   Real Haunts    Ghosts Behind the Screen    Evil Beneath   Real Haunts: Ghost Towns   Dueling Dragons  Spirits in the Storm  3D Print Masters  The Last Movie Ride  Real Haunts 3  and a Brand New Documentary Film The First Influencer Fall 2022
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Evil Beneath, Documentary,The Roku Channel, St. Augustine, Florida

Evil Beneath

Documentary/Horror PG-13

MPV's Original Documentary Film Evil Beneath takes you to America's Oldest and Most Haunted City, St. Augustine, Florida! Discover the Haunts at an old Antique Store, the Old City Jail, The Oldest Lighthouse in America, much more.    FREE on The Roku Channel

White Sands

Ghosts Behind the Screen

Documentary/Drama/Horror  PG-13

Ghosts Behind the Screen unveils the secrets at America's Oldest and most well preserved Movie Palace, revealing the Paranormal activity inside. Witness their Journeys in MPV's Documentary Film. w/ Special Appearances by Harry Anderson and Neil Gaiman.

White Sands
The Real Haunted Mansion, Documentary, Film, Streaming, Tubi

The Real Haunted

Documentary/Bio  TV-PG-13

MPV's Original Documentary takes you on an intimate journey inside  a Real Haunted House with a Team of Ghost Hunters and Historians.

With Dale Cox, Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts & Jason Hedden as the Voice of Meritt Dekle.