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A flash of inspiration, along with an over-abundance of fresh garden chili peppers, led Wendy to create custom hot sauces inspired by Orlando area bands & artists. These flavors and designs caught on, and she spent the next ten years adding sauce recipes to her catalog and promoting Poca’s Hottest, while home schooling her beautiful little girl. We follow her story from side project to commercial success as her sauces have now been put on the shelf by Winn Dixie Supermarkets and other major players. 


As a child, Misty learned from her Italian grandmother how to create amazing lotions and soaps out of the most natural and simple ingredients. She combined these with her product knowledge from Paul Mitchell School and has created two global brands.She recently began a non-profit called Misty’s Dawn, whose purpose is to help women struggling with issues of homelessness, abuse and addiction. Her company continues to thrive into 2023, her beginning in the Film.

Julie Wilder, The Executive Empress, Documentary, Womanpreneur

Julie moved to Orlando to major in Business at UCF. A need to make a difference and promote healthy eating inspired her to open a cafe in her mid-twenties. Her dream of an organic “slow food” eatery was scoffed at by many, but she had her finger on the pulse of what was needed.She designed an astrology calendar which has tripled in sales in the past year, hosts the weekly radio show “Front Porch Radio” on WPRK FM, and does consulting work with startups. 


Born in Welkom, South Africa, she began singing in church at the age of three. She released Thel’u Moya with Gallo, and it is still considered one of the best gospel CD’s released in South Africa to date. 

She has been in the Toronto, London, US Tour, and a cast member of Disney’s The Lion King on Broadway. She was also the voice of Cirque du Soleil La Nouba at Disney Springs in Florida. She recently founded Ubuntu Power Yoga.

Hazel Henderson

 Hazel moved from England to NYC in the early 1960s. After a few years, She became concerned about the air her young daughter was breathing. She organized the other mothers in the play park, and sought the support of advertisers and lawmakers to start “Citizens for Clean Air”, at a time that most people didn't recognize pollution as a problem. Hazel was a world renowned futurist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant  and author of  8 other books. Ms. Henderson passed away in May, 2022.


After working for nearly 20 years as a dental assistant, the long hours and office politics led Lisa to take a leap of faith and make her glass art a viable business. She is now able to spend time after school with her young son and make her own schedule and do what makes her happiest. Her inspirations  for creativity in this Documentary Film.

Michelle Orwick

Michelle is an intuitive reader and healer who does her work with compassion and love. She is a Thetahealing a instructor with the highest level of teaching: a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. Michelle also makes apearances in MPV's "Evil Beneath" and "Real Haunts 3".

Susanna Barkataki

Susanna Barkataki, M.Ed. E-RYT, is a yogi, writer, speaker, blogger and educator working at the intersection of self-care, yoga, Ayurveda, socially-engaged entrepreneurship, and healing justice. Watch her now, links below.


Kelli made a name for herself as the manager of a major construction company. The stress in her life created an imbalance; she says she became a “Corporate bitch from hell”  - dealing with stress and multiple illnesses. After making a transition, she put in years of studying to help women walk in beauty. 

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