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Here's where you can find out more about the PEOPLE, PLACES AND SUBJECTS in our films.

Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts is featured in The Real Haunted Mansion, Spirits in the Storm and Real Haunts. This expert team has investigated the unknown for over 10 years and their stories are told in these films. ECPC is based in beautiful Panama City Beach , Florida and the team investigates throughout the Southern  United States.  Members are: Tracy Todd, Susan Todd, Deidre Burgbacher, Kenny and Kim Foxworth and Jeff Wurst.     MORE
The famous Bellamy Bridge is the oldest bridge in Florida and also (some say) the most haunted. It is featured in the MPV films Real Haunts and Spirits in the Storm. This area has witnessed strange and tragic events for hundreds of years and the tales are told in these films. It is located just a few miles from Marianna, Florida in Jackson County. Admission is free but is a bit of a walk to get to the actual bridge. Beware of flooding and muddy conditions!         MORE
Russ House, Web Page, The Real Haunted Mansion
The Russ House is the real life location of the MPV Documentary Hit The Real Haunted Mansion. This 150 year old antebellum mansion  has a rich history of tragic events and strange activity and is explored with the people who lived there, historians and a local ghost hunting team. This famously haunted manor is also featured in MPV's Real Haunts. You can visit The Russ House anytime during regular hours and explore on your own in Marianna, Florida.  MORE
The famous Tampa Theatre is one of the oldest and most preserved grand movie palaces in all of the world, and one of our favorite locations to shoot because of it's century of stories! The full story will be told in our upcoming Documentary The Last Movie Ride, coming in late 2020. The ghostly activity of this movie theater has been captured like never before in the films Ghosts Behind the Screen and Real Haunts-playing worldwide. And visit Tampa Theatre's site for much more!
The St. Augustine Lighthouse is the oldest and, some say, the most haunted in all of America! And if you can't visit in person, take a journey inside this maritime treasure in MPV's Documentary Films Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures and Evil Beneath.
The team from the lighthouse and a Mom and Son ghost hunting team uncover the secrets of this historic location and attempt to contact the spirits at the top of the lighthouse. Visit their site for much more!
Dale Cox is one of Florida's most well known and beloved historians and writers who has penned hundreds of books and articles for publications around the world about Florida folklore and history. We were lucky enough to feature Mr. Cox in 3 of our films: The Real Haunted Mansion, Spirits in the Storm and Real Haunts.
Mr. Cox, who spent his career in television broadcasting, now brings his expertise to the world in a new way. Click on his page for much more!
St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in America with a vast vault of historic events and fantastic happenings. MPV explores this famous location in our films Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures and Evil Beneath.
In the films, you'll investigate the oldest street in America and meet the owners of an old antique shop that used to be the city jail. With special guests Karen Santiago and Michelle Orwick. Watch worldwide and visit the St. Augustine web site for much more.
Goldfield is the famous Ghost Town in Nevada that is filled with rich and sometimes bizarre history! This fascinating location is explored on film like never before in MPV's new Documentary Film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns. Formed as a booming Gold Rush town in the 1800s, this location is now filled with the buildings and ghosts of the past-each with a unique story. Join a group of ghost hunters for the investigation in Goldfield, one of 5 locations presented in this film.
Genesis Paranormal is a group of professional Investigators based in Tampa, Florida. They have explored and uncovered the facts at haunted hot spots throughout Florida. Jeremy Rettig and his team are featured in the MPV Documentaries Ghosts Behind the Screen and Real Haunts. Jeremy also is featured by himself in our upcoming doc The Last Movie Ride.
Some of the most incredible evidence was captured for these films and Genesis was a big part of it!
The International Car Forest is a unique place in Nevada filled with the remnants of travel from the past. Hippie vans, family trucksters, sports cars-all mysteriously placed vertically into the desert sand. You'll experience it first hand in MPV's Documentary Film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns. Join a family of ghost hunters as they explore and uncover the secrets of this strange and magical place. One of many haunted locations in this new film in 2021  CLICK FOR MORE
Goldpoint Nevada is another famous Ghost Town featured in MPV's new Documentary Film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns. This former Old West Gold Rush boom town is now a community of historic structures and  relics from the past. "The Sheriff" of Goldpoint appears in this film and gives us an inside tour of his private Old West Saloon filled with strange treasures! Visit Goldpoint freely-it is a long drive through the desert to get there so fill up your tank! MORE
Dueling Dragons is a 2017 MPV Documentary Film that tells the inspirational stories of this real life Dragon Boating team! Visit the Dueling Dragons site and discover the  program that is uniting Cops and Kids and working to wipe out racism in Orlando, Florida. With everything happening in the United States right now in regards to law enforcement, these stories and this film show the reality of caring people making a difference. MORE ON THE FILM HERE
The Lakeside Inn located in Mt. Dora, Florida, has been the vacationing home of Presidents and Gangsters in it's over 100 year history.  Take an inside tour of this historical treasure in MPV's Documentary Films Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures and Real Haunts. You'll meet Andrew Mullen, historian and ghostly tour guide. Featuring Psychic Karen Santiago and the Mom and Son Ghost Hunting Team Janet and Ryan. Book the "Al Capone Room" at the Lakeside Inn MORE HERE
Zen Awakening Festival is a yearly event celebrating peace and love and is the subject of MPV's Documentary Film Zen World. Located just outside of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida-this unique gathering draws people from around the world and fills the air with live music and healing aromas. In the film you'll meet the creator Neikko Chin plus the performers and artists at Zen World. More info on the film HERE      More info on the festival HERE
Wekiva Island is a hidden Paradise in the middle of Florida. This spring water oasis is home to the largest population of manatees and alligators and is the setting for Hot Saucy Episode 1. At this location "Archer" star Jessy Lynn Martens and Chef Wendy Davis cook up some seafood and take a windy journey through the waterways, with Jessy Lynn and her husband getting out their guitars and singing. Watch the Episode FREE HERE. Visit the Wekiva Island Page.
The McCaw School of Mines in Las Vegas, Nevada is a fascinating location for mining history-and ghosts! Featured in our new Documentary film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns, the School of Mines is a collection of mining artifacts from around Nevada-each with a unique story, some with spirits attached. The film will introduce you to the Curator of this site and uncover the ghostly secrets along with a family of Paranormal Investigators. MORE
3D Print Masters Scott Tarcy runs a Cad Design site that is excellent-full of innovative reading, watching and listening. Scott is featured in the MPV Documentary Film 3D Print Masters, which unveils the 3D Print Industry through it's top creators. He also hosts 3D Print the Future Season 1-coming to a new network in 2021!
This behind the creativity Documentary also features "Perky Collar Creator" David Frankel and Inventor Bart Briggs.        MORE
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