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The Real Haunted Mansion Premiers on Comcast's Xumo

MPV's 2016 Documentary Film The Real Haunted Mansion makes it's premiere on Comcast's hot new streaming network XUMO!

Our documentary film takes you on a ghostly adventure to a Real Haunted House, which is in reality The Russ House located in Marianna, Florida. This is a haunted house story like no other that delves into the real history and haunts of this 130 year old antebellum manor.

The rich history is told first hand in the film by Merritt Dekle, who's family built the home in the 19th Century and then endured a series of unfortunate tragedies. Jason Hedden provides the voice of Mr. Dekle in this film, but every word spoken is taken directly from Mr. Dekle's writings.

Emerald Coast Paranormal in The Real Haunted Mansion
Emerald Coast Paranormal in The Real Haunted Mansion

Also featured in this film is THE group who investigates The Russ House Emerald Coast Paranormal from Panama City Beach, Florida. This excellent team approaches each investigation of this Mansion with seriousness and respect, that is why no other team is allowed to contact the spirits of the family who inhabited and endured countless life and culture changes here. This film allows you to get inside the Mansion and join the paranormal adventure and relive the history of the house.

The Real Haunted Mansion in 2016
The Real Haunted Mansion in 2016

Since this film's release in 2016, the storyline has continued. In 2018 Hurricane Michael nearly destroyed this historic home and altered the landscape around in Jackson County, Florida forever. Joseph Russ's former business location was destroyed during this Category 5 Hurricane. This story is captured in MPV's Documentary Film Spirits in the Storm with the same cast as The Real Haunted Mansion-only a few years and storms later. You can watch this film on Prime Video and here FREE on Social Club TV WATCH HERE

And you can watch The Real Haunted Mansion on Xumo here. This new FREE streaming network is packed full of live tv, films and shows and we are very happy this film was selected for their lineup on the Comcast Network. Sit back and enjoy a unique and intimate haunted house story, The Real Haunted Mansion. And say hi to Big Mama when you'll done for good measure.


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