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Loco Ghosts Arrives at the Station

Updated: Mar 13

MPV's New Documentary Film Loco Ghosts premieres Spring 2024 on your favorite major networks! This first of it's kind Documentary Film uncovers the ghostly activity at America's Most Haunted Train Museum with a Team of HIstorians, Curators and Ghost Hunters. Visit the Official Page here:

Our latest Documentary takes you to one of our most incredible locations yet, America's Most Haunted Train Museum. Loco Ghosts presents the very first Paranormal Investigation into this Railroad Museum located in Sioux City, Iowa in the heart of the Heartland of the USA. The MPV Team gathered together a once in a lifetime Cast to reveal their own ghostly tales and to participate in full blown Investigation with 2 Paranormal Teams! You may know the crew from Para 911 from the MPV Film The Real Haunted Mansion 2.

Investigator Sarah Beaverson Kaiser
Investigator Jules Vanderlaningham

Joining them is a new Team we are introducting, Shadow Aslyum Paranomal from Omaha, Nebraska with Jules and Sarah(pic left) who are so great in this Film and you will love them. The rest of the cast was a dream to work with. Creator of the Railroad Museum Larry Obermeyer embraced this Film and the Investigation and wanted an honest assesement of this historic treasure and the spirits didn't disappoint.

Museum Director T.J. Obermeyer

Loco Ghosts also features the Director of the Museum, T.J. Obermeyer, who will give you the grand tour of these awesome relics and reveals his own stories of the unexpected. And again, the ghostly were lively during this shoot, resulting in some very powerful and emotional moments. So many hundreds of men work their lives at this former Railroad Roundhouse, and we all agree, they really wanted their stories to be told. The real tales of hardship and tragedy when this location was a working railroad are also recreated from the memories and stories of these hard working men.

We are very honored that Sioux City Native Representative Trisha Rivers and her Sister Jessica Lopez Walker shared their thoughts and joined the investigation where they witnessed incredible unexplained events. You'll be so happy to meet them both in "Loco Ghosts".

Also making their debut in this Film are Junior Historian Maddox Randall Hacke and Junior Investigator Derek LaFleur, both from West High School in Sioux City, Iowa. Their view of the happenings are captured for you in this Film.

Also on hand is Model Railroad Curator Ray Vulcan, who gives us the inside stories of model railroading and the ghostly activities he encounters daily. Be prepared, the events that unfold at this wing of the Museum will take your breath away. Ray is a no nonsense kind of guy, must be why these railroad spirits like him so!

Curator Tonya Glann

Also making her debut in Loco Ghosts in Tonya Glann, a volunteer, Board member and railroad fan. And yes, she has enountered the energy of this Museum and shares her intimate stories. She appears at the incredible Roundhouse, which she says is the Hot Spot of this complex for Paranormal Activity. The entire Teams heads in for a full fledged investigation. Be ready for the series of unexplained events that occured and captured for our new feature release. Loco Ghosts comes your way, premiering on major streaming networks Spring 2024. Rated PG-13/TVMA Visit our Official Page for all the details.

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