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The Real Haunted Mansion 2 | A New Film from MPV

The Real Haunted Mansion, Movie Poster, Peirce Mansion, Para 911

MPV's New Documentary Film The Real Haunted Mansion 2 is currently in Post Production as we get ready for a Fall 2023 World-Wide Release.

This all new film takes you to an American Gothic Mansion in the Heartland of the U.S. and uncovers the ghostly secrets with a Team of Historians and Ghost Hunters.

The Real Haunted Mansion 2, Still, David LaFleur, Documentary, Film, Peirce Mansion, Sioux City, Iowa

The famous Peirce Mansion is located in Sioux City, Iowa on the Missouri River and has been a Residence, a Museum, a Nurses Station and more in it's over 120 year history. Do some of these people still reside here, years after their deaths?

Dave LaFleur (pictured here) and his Para 911 head up the very first Paranormal Investigation into this historic treasure along with the Curator of the Mansion, Matt Anderson.

We were able to capture some real incredible stories and witnessed an onslaught of unexplained events that will all presented in The Real Haunted Mansion 2.

You're going to meet some experienced and talented people in this Film and discover the unique relationships they have chasing the unknown. And they brought along every cool Ghost Hunting Tool you could imagine! The story plays out in real time and you will be able to witness it all first hand.

The Real Haunted Mansion 2, Documentary, Film, Tracy Dean Lund, Para 911, Still, Peirce Mansion, Sioux City, Iowa

And wait until you hear what Investigator Tracy Dean Lund caught during this first investigation. Mr. Lund is a Jail Buster along with a Ghost Buster and hails from the small town of Pierson, Iowa which is kind of funny since we are at the Peirce Mansion. All right maybe not.

In the Film Tracy reveals the haunts in his home's basement along with the expertise he brings to this investigation. Mr. Lund is also the Master of the Para 911 Ambulance called "The Reaper" and you'll get a complete tour. Some incredible moments await for you with Tracy as he visits this Mansion for the very first time, and the spirits seem to be happy about him being there. He also join the Team at another location before the Mansion.

This location has a darker history as it was the scene of 6 tragic murders that seemed to cause a bombardment of strange activity. With much reverence, the Team goes inside this home and reveals the truth about this never before seen home that was witness to a terrible event in Sioux City, Iowa, just 3 miles from the Mansion.

More to come in Part 2 as we countdown to the World Premiere of MPV's New Original Documentary "The Real Haunted Mansion 2".

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