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Dueling Dragons Premieres on Amazon Prime Video US and UK!

Dueling Dragons now playing on Prime Video

MPV's Documentary Film "Dueling Dragons" makes it's debut on Amazon Prime Video US and UK, streaming right here:

Orlando Florida Cops take on the exiting sport of Dragon Boat Racing with the kids they experience on the streets. Dueling Dragons will take you from Walt Disney World to Toronto Canada and immerse you in their stories of victory, struggle and tragedy as one of their own is gunned downed and killed. Meet the Cops and Kids and experience their Dueling Dragons story.

This film was first screened at the Global Peace Film Festival in 2017, then the 2018 NAIFF Festival in 2018. Featuring current Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer, Police Chief at the time John Mina plus OPD Officers Raven Brinkely and Marty McClain. Also starring the Kids: Turqosia, Chris and many more.

We took quite the journey in the making of this film and invite you to take the Dueling Dragons experience at home. Watch anywhere on Amazon Prime Video in the US and UK. Thank you for supporting this film!

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