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3000 Miles to Graceland Film Location for Real Haunts: Ghost Towns

Updated: Mar 13

3000 Miles to Graceland Location is revisited in Motion Picture Video's Documentary Film "Real Haunts: Ghost Towns" courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures
3000 Miles to Graceland Film Location

If you've ever seen the hit movie 3000 Miles to Graceland with Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner, you won't forget the climatic scene of the plane blowing up at a ghost town in the middle of the Nevada desert. Whatever happened to that plane? Is that a real ghost town? The new film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns answers all these question and more.

Our cameras were at this very location, capturing for the very first time the stories, secrets and legends from this family owned ghost town. You'll meet Tony and Bobbie Werly, who 28 years ago, bought this ghost town and 'restored' it to it's former glory. In those years incredible events happened that brought this remote area to the worldwide stage and this new film will tell you all about it through the words of this couple who is passionate about Nevada preservation and their very own Ghost Town. We found the plane from this film AND Tony fed a mouse to a roadrunner-an incredible moment that could only at this Ghost Town!

Here's Tony and Bobbie at the Ghost Town Wedding Chapel located in their very own Ghost Town in Nelson, Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. The incredible stories that they shared with our cameras is a part of a new documentary film that explores Ghost Towns all over the American West. Premiering early 2021.

To know more visit the Real Haunts: Ghost Towns IMDb page

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