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"3D Print Masters" and "3D Print the Future-S1" make the list

Motion Picture Video's film 3D Print Masters and our television series 3D Print the Future-S1 made the list of 3D Printing series/films on the awesome GradCAD site. Check out the list here GrabCAD is an invaluable tool for the 3d printing community and currently has over 5 million users according to Wikipedia.

All great shows on this list!

The 3D Print Masters have been busy printing up much needed medical masks and supplies for their local communities. Host Scott Tarcy is donating materials and his time to create masks for the Charlotte, North Carolina area in which he lives. 3D enthusiast "The Tinkerer" Jeremy Proffitt has also been providing life saving 3d printed medical supplies directly to those who need it most. Read more about it here

Thank you guys for all of your hard work! Discover their stories in both of these features-now streaming on Amazon Prime Video worldwide.

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