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Diggin' up Classic, Forgotten Songs P.1.

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Music is an important element of MPV Films and using authentic songs for the time period presented is always our goal.

To find just the right song, we scour libraries, archives, databases and record collections. Sometimes the condition of these recordings is not the greatest. Luckily 2022 audio technology is incredible, and our artists are able to bring these classics songs back to life for generations to come and reintroduce some great forgotten artists. Here's a few of the classics we have found and restored.


Haunted House by Ray Noble and His Orchestra

During the production of MPV's Documentary Real Haunts, we were searching for a "Haunted House" song for our "Haunted House" segment and discovered this hidden gem from the Ray Noble Orchestra. This group was a popular act from the British Big Band era from the 1930s. This song is from 1932 and features a colorful cast of character singers and excellent musicians. Plus some really strange but fun lyrics! We discovered this song on a 78rpm acetate and, using today's digital tools, was able to restore it to it's original glory. Take a listen, and if you want to watch the song in Real Haunts, it's FREE to view on Tubi, the #1 Free Streaming App.

Life is Just a Bowl of Cherries by Jack Hylton Orchestra

The Real Haunted Mansion is one of MPV's most watched films (32 Million so far!) and we feel the music plays an important part of transporting the viewer back in time to the events depicted in the film. Bowl of Cherries is a song written in 1931, so this great version from the Jack Hylton Orchestra would have been brand new at the time. In the last 90 years this song has been covered by Judy Garland, Ethel Merman, Doris Day, Johnny Mathis and an excellent version from Lisa Loeb from 2020. You can watch The Real Haunted Mansion FREE on Tubi, click the link to view.

Florida by the Van Cleaf Sisters

This forgotten song has been brought back to life in MPV's Original Documentary Ghosts Behind the Screen. Very little is know about this Musical Duo except that they were a popular jazz and pop act in the 1950s. We discovered the song on an record album that was distributed in 1953 and restored it for this film about the famously haunted Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida. If you know more about this great group, please email us at You can watch the theatrical version of Ghosts Behind the Screen free with the link below.

I Ain't Afraid by Thurl Ravenscroft

The Voice of "The Grinch Song", "Tony the Tiger", "Disney's Haunted Mansion", "Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean" and many more lends his chords to this original song from MPV's Original Film Real Haunts: Ghost Towns. Our team scoured libraries and databases for a Ghost Town 'song' for this film and we were thrilled to find this forgotten classic. The only copy we could find was a worn 78rpm record album (before the days of 33 and 45 rpm) and it was in terrible condition. Our team worked hard to remove the dirt and debri since 1953 off the recording and succeeded pretty well. Take a listen, and watch the MPV Original Film with "Pawn Stars" Mark Hall-Patton. Free from The Roku Channel, click the link to watch.

I Believe by Don Grooms

This original song is presented in MPV's Original Documentary Spirits in the Storm.

We wanted a song that reflected the atmosphere of the film (a Cat. 5 Hurricane and Paranormal activity) and was performed by a local artist. Don Grooms was a mainstay of the Florida Folk Heritage Festival, which was held just minutes from the Bellamy Bridge location (where this film takes place). Grooms, who taught for more than 30 years at the University of Florida, was a popular favorite, due to his great musicianship and comical lyrics, as you can hear in this song. Grooms passed away on January 10, 1998, but his talent will live on with this film.. You can watch Spirits in the Storm free on Tubi, link below.

As Time Goes by by Jacques Renard And His Orchestra

You probably know this song from the classic film "Casablanca", where it played a pivotol and emotional role in the plot. This version by Jacques Renard And His Orchestra is featured in the opening credits of a brand new MPV Documentary Hazel Henderson: The First Influencer. This great version was recorded in 1931 but didn't become a hit until 1943 due to the film Casablanca. The film premieres Fall 2022.

Let Yourself Go by Al Bowlly and the Ray Noble Orchestra

From MPV's New Original Documentary Film The Last Movie Ride, get up and go with the Legendary Al Bowlly. Mr. Bowlly was a popular vocalist in the 1930s, you may know him from the film soundtrack of "The Shining" where he sang the end song "Midnight, the Stars and You". Mr Bowlly sadly was killed on April 17th, 1941 by a detonated mine that went off outside of his bedroom window during World War 2. This song was one of his last recorded performances. We obtained the best available copy of this song for the MPV film The Last Movie Ride, and through digital technology we have brought this great song back to life to help tell the story of the nearly 100 year old Tampa Theatre, one of the last movie palaces left in the world. Watch The Last Movie Ride now on TUBI it's free with this link:

Part 2 coming next week right here on Thanks for stopping by!

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