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Dueling Dragons Debuts on Tubi

MPV's Original Documentary Film Dueling Dragons is Now Playing on the World's #1 Free Streaming App Tubi!

This film will immerse you in the exciting world of Dragon Boat Racing and reveal the story of a unique team made up of Orlando, Florida Cops and Inner City Kids. Follow their story as they take to the waters of Walt Disney World, Cocoa Beach, Florida and Toronto, Canada in their quest for victory. Then witness the tragedy of the loss of one of their team members.

Featuring the Mayor of Orlando, Florida Buddy Dyer, Orlando Police Chief (former) John Mina, Orlando Cops Marty McClain and Debra Clayton, Asian Trend's Shally Wong, Founder Andrea Eliscu and the incredible Kids that make up the Dueling Dragons. Presented by Kiwanis Club of Orlando.

Featuring Cinematography by John Demshock, who followed the team from Florida to Canada and captured incredible moments from this fascinating journey. Plus an original song from Rowan Joseph who was inspired to write and create "Stand" after she heard the Dueling Dragons story.

The version of the film presented on Tubi is a New and Final cut of this full length feature and now includes an even more intimate view of the events presented. Rated PG-13, we hope you and your family will watch this inspiring tale of life. Dueling Dragons, free to watch anywhere on Tubi from Fox Broadcasting.

And thank you to everyone who has supported this film throughout the years. The world has changed since we first shot this feature from 2014-2017 and we feel the message is stronger than ever thanks to these people who are still making our world a better place.

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