Haunted Silver Mines Production for Real Haunts: Ghost Towns

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Inside Ancient Silver Mines in REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS

Production for Real Haunts: Ghost Towns continued at the incredible Haunted Silver Mines near Searchlight, Nevada. The MPV cameras followed the Landon Family, better know as the Paranormal Family, through the maze of tunnels through this Civil War Silver Mine that is filled with the memories and energies of the centuries past.

As we headed deep inside the mine, Heather, Aidan and Josh (Mom, Dad and Son) attempted to contact the spirits that reside here and our cameras captured incredible results. The sounds of whispers and strange noises were experienced and much more that will be presented in this full length feature film.

Haunted Silver Mines Production for Real Haunts: Ghost Towns

The Silver Mines were a haven for Civil War deserters in the 1800s and since has become a haven for shady activity and fun adventure alike. The mines are near the Ghost Town of Nelson which is also featured in this film and reveals the secrets of the Hollywood allure with the owners of this unique Eldorado Canyon destination.

"Pawn Stars" expert Mark Hall-Patton is your host and guide through this one of a kind journey into America's fascination with ghost towns. Featuring Gold Point, Goldfield, Searchlight, Las Vegas (yes, you'll see!), Ryolite and much more!

For more details on this film, visit our Official IMDb page here

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