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MPV at your Local Library with HOOPLA

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Motion Picture Video is keeping your Library Haunted with 4 great titles now available through Hoopla Digital Worldwide. Hoopla offers thousands of books, music, films, comics and more all FREE with your library card-really! It's like having your library in your home and hand.

Watch "The Real Haunted Mansion" now at Hoopla, watch HERE with your library card:

This Film presents the real stories of the famous Russ House in Marianna, Florida through the writings and words of long time resident Merritt Dekle as played by Jason Hedden in this production. This full length Documentary also hold the incredible discoveries of Author Dale Cox, who is the expert on the history of this part of Florida along with long time Historian and resident Pam Fuqua.

The ghostly side of this Mansion's 100 year history is explored in this film with the crew from Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts (Tracy and Susan Todd, Deidre Burgbacher, Kenny and Kim Foxworth and Jeff Wurst) who conjure up real paranormal activity caught for this film.

We caught real history in 2016 that will never be repeated and we hope you enjoy these great tales of The Real Haunted Mansion!

Evil Beneath Film Poster

MPV's Original Documentary EVIL BENEATH is also available at Hoopla Digital. Watch here:

This full length film takes you to America's Oldest City St. Augustine, Florida and gives you a new view of the hundreds of years of hauntings with a team of Ghost Hunters, Residents, Shop Owners and Historians. Join this unique team at the Oldest and Most Haunted Lighthouse in America where strange activity is captured throughout this historic area. You'll also head to the Oldest Street in America to explore a haunted Antiques Shop, an old Fort, a haunted well and more! Discover whats the EVIL BENEATH St. Augustine in MPV's Original Documentary Film. Rated PG-13.

Ghosts Behind the Screen on Hoopla

Ghosts Behind the Screen is also available at Hoople Digital, you can watch here:

We are the only Film Crew ever allowed full access to the most Haunted Movie Theatre in America, so join us for this unique Documentary and you'll discover the secrets too of this unique, ornate Movie Palace.

This Film takes you inside the famous Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida and reveals 100 years of movie history and haunted secrets. Featuring Tampa Theatre Manager Jill Witecki, Genesis Paranormal, Ushers John Bohannon and Rob Mueller and guests Mum and Son.

With Special Guest Star Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer.

Rated PG-13.

Real Haunts Film Poster Hoopla

Finally, now Streaming on Hoopla, one of MPV's most popular titles REAL HAUNTS!

This Original Doc will take you on a haunted adventure to 5 incredible historically haunted areas including a 150 year old Haunted House, Gangster Al Capone's Florida Hideout, a Swamp filled with Murder and Mystery and more. With 3 Paranormal Teams plus a cast of Historians, ghost hunters, residents and witnesses.

You'll witness some Real History and Real Haunts.

Rated PG-13.

Check out HOOPLA DIGITAL for tons of great content-including the latest blockbusters, all free to enjoy with your Library Card. Thanks for watching!

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