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MPV New Haunted Title Announced

Motion Picture Video is proud to announce a brand new full length original film The Real Haunted Mansion 2.

The MPV Crew traveled to the great State of Iowa where we discovered a 140 Historic Mansion that had never been investigated before, paranormally speaking. After our production wrapped there, we now know this Haunted Mansion had a lot to say!

This new film features the Pierce Street Mansion, home to generations of colorful characters. Some may not have left.

You'll get the complete tour with Museum Curator Mathew Anderson, who worked in the Mansion for decades and reveals the historic and haunted secrets of this Victorian era home.

Then Mr. Anderson joins Para 911, an Iowa based Paranormal group, through a complete investigation of the Mansion. This excellent professional Team has explored many Midwest landmarks and have discovered real evidence to back their claims of ghostly encounters. They also were the group who investigated the Murder House in Sioux City, where a family was tragically and graphically slain. We met up with Para 911 back at this emotionally charged location and this story is also told in this Film.

Also featured in The Real Haunted Mansion 2 is Journalist and Historian George Lindblade, a long time character that has been a media master since the beginning of television and reveals his memories of the Mansion and the local history, that comes alive we feel in this Film.

Our research department has done an incredible job of finding and restoring film and photos, some over 100 year old, that turn the Mansion stories into living history. We even discovered some images from 1890 that had been preserved which have never been seen publicly before.

Plus, plenty of Paranormal moments with Para 911 who brought the best equipment out there and did an honest and thorough investigation that were were proud to capture. You'll even get a tour of their "Reaper", an old ambulance turned Paranormal Power Machine.

We also made a stop at a local attraction Elfredo's Pizza with Para 911 to enjoy the best pie out there and discuss the workings of the Paranormal. You'll join us in the Film!

The Real Haunted Mansion 2 premieres Fall 2023, more details to come. We can't wait to share this Film with you, we feel it is a one of a kind Journey into history and the Unknown. And we can guarantee that you've never seen anything like this before, because this was the very 1st Paranormal Investigation into the historic Piece Street Mansion in Sioux City, Iowa.

Thanks to all that helped us out along the way, especially the Sioux City Public Museum who provided invaluable historic photos that our Team restored to their original glory (well as close as we could come). And Para 911's Founder Dave LaFleur and his group-Rosemary LaFleur (his sister), Kathy Pullis (his wife), Tracy Dean Lund and Tina Tibbetts. Everybody was so great to work with and all had an honest passion for uncovering the truth.

For Behind the Scenes photos and more information, check out the Official IMDb page and the Official Film Page on this site.

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