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MPV Says Goodbye to Hazel Henderson

We are sad to announce that Author, Futurist and Lifelong Influencer Hazel Henderson 'went virtual', as she says, on May 22nd, 2022. We got a chance to capture Hazel's stories in her home in St. Augustine, Florida a few years ago and she was the most gracious and delightful host we could ever imagine. If it weren't for Hazel and her lifelong efforts, our air would be dirtier and our waters even more polluted. She was one of the first to draw attention to large corporations polluting our environment and taking the first steps with Senator Robert Kennedy to fix the problem. The steps they took just days before Robert Kennedy's death were because of Hazel's persistence that she carried through her entire life.

Her story is told in MPV's The Executive Empress which is now streaming on Xumo, Amazon Prime Video, Plex and Go See TV. Watch free here:

Don't know who Hazel is? Here's an introductory to her extraordinary life:

Entrepreneur and WKRP Radio Host Julie Wilder interviewed Hazel for her "Front Porch Radio" show and the MPV Crew spent another few hours with her and captured some incredible thoughts and stories. Hazel Henderson is known as a Futurist and looking at our footage 5 years later we can see how true that is. Here's a backstage look at the Hazel shoot with Directors Julie Wilder and Gina Watson.

Since the material used from these interviews is very small, MPV has embarked on a brand new Documentary tentatively called Hazel Henderson: The First influencer. In this new Film, Hazel takes on Big Business and Politics and reveals her stories of love and life in the UK and her move to the US. You will see all new, never before seen footage of Hazel, Robert Kennedy, EF Schumacher, Ralph Nader and many other characters that shaped Hazel's life. Premiering Fall 2022, Hazel has indeed gone virtual, because her message and spirit live on through this new film and also all of the material she produced. Goodbye Hazel Henderson......for now.

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