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Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures is now Streaming Worldwide

Watch MPV's new documentary film "Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures" on Amazon Prime Video worldwide, also available on DVD and Blu ray.

The world's only Ghost Hunting Team invites you on a Chilling Adventure to 4 incredible famously haunted places in this film! Along the way you'll discover this unique Mom and Son relationship.

Discover the secrets of the historically haunted Tampa Theatre with Janet and Ryan in "Mum and Son". With Special Guests Author Neil Gaiman ("Coraline") and Amanda Palmer (above) and "Night Court" star Harry Anderson.

Next stop-the oldest street in America in the oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida. Mum and Son investigate an old antique shop with special guests Karen Santiago and the owners of "Antiques and Uniques" Larry and Denise Altman. Witness the supernatural events that occured at this ancient location in this documentary.

"Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures" takes you to Florida's oldest and most haunted hotel-home of Gangster Al Capone in life, and death. It's a wild ride through The Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora, Florida with special guest Andrew Mullen of the local historic society.

Janet and Ryan are off the next haunted location and it's a BIG one! The St. Augustine Lighthouse is the oldest in the U.S.A. and Mum and Son have the location all to their selves to investigate the strange happenings. Will Ryan make it to the top of the haunted lighthouse by himself? Watch and find out! With Special Guests Kelcie Lloyd and Joyce Duncan.

Hey, it's much more fun to experience all of this rather than reading it. Watch "Mum and Son's Chilling Adventures" streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. And please leave a review if you like it!

For complete details on this film visit the Official Page on this website or on IMDb.

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