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New Premiers 4U to Stream

Motion Picture Video New Releases

MPV has some New Releases on New and Old Favorite Networks for you to Stream.

Ghosts Behind the Screen Movie Poster

One of our most popular Documentaries Ghosts Behind the Screen has a new look and a new home.

Watch the 2022 Remastered Director's Cut on the very hot new TCL Channel:

TCL makes some of the world's best TVs and Electronics and is an Official Super Bowl Partner in 2023 and started their own Network of great FREE entertainment. Nothing to sign up for or pay ever-just EASY viewing of Current Hits and some of the best Classics in Film and Television.

This new Version of the Film incorporates more Haunted moments and brand new scenes and is a great experience if you've ever wanted to tour a nearly 100 year old Haunted Movie Palace with a Team of Ghost Hunters, Historians and people who worked and played there. Rated PG-13. Free to Stream on the TCL Channel available worldwide. Watch in US here:

The Executive Empress Movie Poster

Alice Movies is named in honor of the first woman filmmaker Alice Guy. Alice Movies centers and celebrates women on screen and behind the camera. MPV's Original Film The Executive Empress is proud to have been chosen for this network, congratulations to Director Gina Watson and Writer/Creator Julie Wilder. They have created a film that explores the working models of 5 different Florida Women that have succeeded in turning their passions into a working business. With "Lion King" star Sellohaine Nkhela, Misty Wheeler Belin, Wendy Davis, Kelly Johnson, Michelle Orwick and more. Available on Alice Movies through Xumo Play FREE to stream and FREE to get inspired. Watch here:

Dueling Dragons Movie Poster

MPV's Original Documentary Dueling Dragons lets you experience the exciting world of Dragon Boat Racing with an unusual Team from Orlando, Florida. Mayor Buddy Dyer is featured along with Police Chief John Mina plus a cast of Kids and Cops who prove that anyone can work together for a common goal. In this case it's on the Ocean in Cocoa Beach, Florida and in the Bay at Walt Disney World on a tiny boat powered by a group that is determined to make it happen.

Dueling Dragons has just joined the great lineup at Mometu, watch here:

Mometu is a streaming channel where storytelling breaks free–where compelling movies, series, documentaries, and live channels come together worldwide.

Our Original Series 3D Print the Future is now being used as a learning tool for Students and Teachers across the USA through Infobase.

Infobase has added Season 1 of this Series to your library of tools for Teachers to choose from. 3D Print the Future explores the art and business of 3D Printing with Top Creators and Engineers. Featuring "The Engineer" Scott Tarcy, "The Inventor" Bart Briggs, "Entrepreneur" David Frankel, "Internet Sensation" Naomi Wu and more. Each brings their own take to 3D Printing and each has their own interesting tales.

Infobase primarily focuses on a library subscription model. They provide educational content for K-12 and higher education. They have their own proprietary platform they use to distribute content directly to K-12 & university libraries. Visit their website here:

The Last Movie Ride Movie Poster

The Last Movie Ride has become our 16th Film on the #1 Free Streaming Network Tubi!

Tubi is an American Netrwork owned by Fox Corporation. The service was launched on April 1, 2014, and is based in Los Angeles, California with just an excellent Team. As of January 2022, Tubi has 51 million monthly active users. Why? Because this is a fun filled network with great new releases and a huge library of classics.

The Last Movie Ride takes you on a first-hand Time Travel through the nearly 100 year life of an ornate Movie Palace that still stands in Tampa, Florida. We gathered together 4 generations of fans, employees, historians and even ghosts? for this Full Length Documentary Film. Watch here:

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for watching all of these years! Everyone at Motion Picture Video appreciates it.

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