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Real Haunts 3 Premiers

MPV's New Origiinal Documentary "Real Haunts 3" has Premiered worldwide. Available on Tubi for free streaming w/ads or Amazon Prime Video for Rent/Own.

This full length film will take you on a haunted filled adventure to 4 very interesting locations with Teams of very knowledgeable experts. First up the Giant Otter!

The mascot for Fergus Falls, Minnesota is a Giant Otter that is dwarfed compared to the Kirkbride Asylum which is the first stop in the film. Midwest Paranormal Team members Kristin and Brian take you on a real on-location tour of this 100 year old abandoned institution. Their first hand stories come to life as the paranormal activity here is explored and experienced.

Kristin and Brian have captured much evidence and have investigated more times and in more areas of this huge structure than anyone else.

Unfortunately, this historic landmark is set to be torn down in the near future, we feel fortunate to have capture a little piece of this incredible history and a couple of ghostly events along the way. Next up, to the Oldest City in America......

St. Augustine, Florida was founded in 1565 making it the oldest in the United States. In this City, on the Oldest Street in America (Aviles Street) 'lives an Old Antique Shop', cue song (below) Psychics Michelle Orwick (Executive Empress) and Karen Santiago (Evil Beneath) investigate Denise Altman's Antique Shop and discover MANY haunts captured for this segment.

"Antiques and Uniques" is the name of the Shop and was formerly the Old City Jail. Several investigations are performed with the help of Co-Owner Larry Altman. Special guest stars in this portion of the film-Mum and Son, look for them! Unfortunately this location is no more-enjoy this thorough journey through it's ghostly glory days. The film continues with a Real Ghost Town......

Real Haunts 3 invites you to join the Paranormal Landon Family for their investigation at the Goldfield Ghost Town in Nevada.

In the Goldfield Cemetery, the family catches a couple of spirited spirits and in Goldfield, the Hotel and other locations are explored. Wyatt Earp was a resident here, that tale is told by Josh Landon at the actual location.

The Goldfield Hotel, a famous landmark, was just sold and we were lucky to capture these scenes in this mysterious Ghost Town. Finally, it's off to the Gulf of Mexico....

SeaLab Museum Man in the Sea with Tracy Todd
SeaLab Museum with Tracy Todd

The Man in the Sea Museum is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City, Beach Florida and is home to everything Sea Lab. This government program began in the early 1960s, and it's development helped guide the Navy's Diving and Underwater Programs to a safer path.

The Museum is home to many Sea Lab artifacts, from underwater enclosures to dive helmets from the past. Some say this location is haunted.

Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts (The Real Haunted Mansion) set to uncover the truth. Several entities are supposedly contacted and are presented in this Film for you to judge. Featuring the whole crew-Susan, Deidre, Jeff, Kenny and Kim. With Special Guest Curator Mike DeGroote.

That's only the beginning. Watch Real Haunts 3 and relive these adventures for yourself. FREE to stream on Tubi (link below) or Own it from Amazon Prime Video. Thanks for watching! Real Haunts 4 in development right now (get ready Las Vegas).

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