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Real Haunts: Ghost Towns Production Underway

Production continued for MPV's Documentary Film "Real Haunts: Ghost Towns" at locations across Nevada. We followed a Ghost Bustin' family as they investigated famously haunted locations in Gold Point and Goldfield, Nevada along with the strangest spot of the shoot-The International Car Forest! Here's an inside peek at this film's production so far.....

This film will take you to the famous Goldfield Cemetery, home of many spirits of miners and gold rush victims including the Outlaw Wyatt Erp. Some of the tombstones read “Gunshot,” and “Man Died Eating Library Paste.” The Landon family (a paranormal three that you will meet in this film) investigates and captures real strange events caught on mic and film. The strange rich history and an up close and personal visit to this haunting place will be presented in our new "Real Haunts".

Aidan Landon is a 16 year old Paranormal Investigator who travels with his Mom and Dad on adventures throughout the U.S.. In this BTS Aidan investigates the Goldfield Hotel-a hot spot of activity due to a rich and tragic history that will be explored in this film. Aidan lives with his family in nearby Las Vegas. Their adventures and family dynamics are the basis for 2 of the 5 segments of this new "Real Haunts".

What is that peeking through the window at the famously haunted Goldfield Hotel in the heart of Gold country in Nevada? Discover her secret in MPV's "Real Haunts: Ghost Towns" in 2021.

Our cameras captured the strange and the weird in Goldfield, Nevada-a famous Ghost Town that has a rich history that is explored in this new "Real Haunts" film.

Our next stop of production for "Real Haunts: Ghost Towns" was at a remote Ghost Town named Gold Point. In this unique 'community', the "Sheriff" resides as the official keeper of the town (and he owns the entire thing!). He invited us and our cameras into his private Old West Saloon that had been inhabited by thousands of gold miners over the past 100 years. Just wait until you discover what we found inside with the Landons!

The "Sheriff" of Gold Point, Nevada-with 100 years of rich, tragic and just plain strange history. We go inside his private Old West Saloon and uncover the real tales and examine pieces of history throughout.

Much more to come as we make our way through the heart of Ghost Town country in Nevada and captured what we have never seen before! Thanks for coming along the adventure with us and for more information you can check out the REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWN OFFICIAL PAGE

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