"Real Haunts: Ghost Towns" takes you to the AREA 51 Graveyard

You know about Area 51 in Nevada. But did you know there is a place in Nevada that keeps and preserves former Area 51 vehicles, equipment and other strange metal things? In MPV's new Documentary Film REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS you'll meet a one of a kind person-Cindy Liberatone, who is the Curator at the McCaw School of Mines in Las Vegas. This unique replica of an old Nevada Mine just so happens to be the depository of 'used up stuff' from the famous Area 51 and the Nevada Test Site which is just minutes away from this School.

You'll get an inside look and an exclusive tour with Cindy in this film and you'll hear her stories about people she knows who worked at Area 51. And yes, it's crazy weird stuff!