The Beard of Knowledge Returns!

The "Beard of Knowledge" Mark Hall-Patton returns in MPV's New

Original Documentary Film Real Haunts 3, scheduled for a Halloween 2021 Release!

Mr. Patton will take you to Haunted Goldfield Nevada Ghost Town and reveal the strange history and mysterious events that took place here. The Landon family (from Real Haunts 2) returns in their quest to communicate with the spirits and capture real evidence.

Mr. Patton recently retired from the Clark County Museum here in Las Vegas and he will be greatly missed. We were fortunate enough to capture Mr. Patton's last performance for this film before his retirement. We'll see if that holds true since he has hinted at involvement in our new Carole Lumbard Doc...we'll see!

Catch the "BOK" right now in Real Haunts 2: Ghost Towns and explore all over haunted Nevada. You can watch for free on Tubi, Xumo and Plex worldwide, just click the links below and you are off with Mark Hall-Patton!