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The Real Haunted Mansion | Streaming on OVERDRIVE

An abandoned antebellum mansion with the text The Real Haunted Mansion and faces of ghosts in the background.
The Real Haunted Mansion on OVERDRIVE

Motion Picture Video's Original Documentary The Real Haunted Mansion is coming to Libraries and Schools across America in Fall 2021 through our friends at OVERDRIVE.

This Documentary tells the stories of the 130 year old Russ House located in Marianna, Florida. Long time resident and writer Merritt Dekle reveals the real stories behind the strange events that have occurred at this Mansion over the years.

A local Paranormal Team (Emerald Coast Paranormal from Panama City Beach, Florida) investigate the hauntings and find startling evidence, presented in this film.

We are thrilled that this documentation of this historic site is now available to anyone who wants to learn more about it and be entertained at the same time.

OverDrive, Inc. is a digital distributor of eBooks, audiobooks, online magazines, and streaming video titles to publishers, libraries, schools, corporations, and retailers around the globe.

Thanks for watching!

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