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REAL HAUNTS and MUM AND SON Premiere on the #1 Free Streaming App

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

MPV is happy to announce that 2 of our titles are premiering on Tubi, the #1 Free Streaming App with the world's largest collection of free movies and tv shows!

MUM AND SON'S CHILLING ADVENTURES is a documentary film that explores 4 haunted locations with the world's only Mother and Son Ghost Hunting Team. Join real life Mum and Son Janet and Ryan as they attempt to communicate with the dead at the Oldest Lighthouse in America, a 100 year old Movie Palace, the oldest street in the USA, Al Capone's Lakeside Joint and more! Rated TV-PG WATCH HERE FREE ON TUBI

Big congratulations to our friends at Tubi for achieving a huge goal-a larger audience than all of American cable combined. Hey, people know a great network when they find one. Our studio breakroom always is streaming something from Tubi (huge fans here) because their content is so diverse and unique and fun!

Also now playing on Tubi is MPV's Documentary that explores 5 haunted locations with 3 very diverse Ghost Hunting Teams. In REAL HAUNTS, you'll uncover the secrets with them at a real haunted house, the most spirited swamp in America, a 100 year old Florida Lake Resort and more! Watch FREE on Tubi

What a great cast in REAL HAUNTS! Emerald Coast Paranormal hails from the beautiful Panama City Beach, Florida and includes the talents of veteran investigators Tracy and Susan Todd (yes, husband and wife....sometimes they won't admit that), Chipley Florida's superstar Kenny Foxworth and his wife Kim, the outrageous and spider fearing Deidre Burgbacher and expert Jeff Wurst. This team takes you to 2 crazy haunted spots-a haunted house and a haunted swamp.

Genesis Paranormal is located in Tampa, Florida and has been investigating the unknown for many years and are featured in the Documentary Film at America's Oldest and Most Haunted Theatre, the Tampa Theatre. Head of the team Jeremy Rettig is featured in this film with some incredible paranormal moments that we caught with our cameras and you will see in the movie.

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