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Spirits in the Storm is blowing your way soon!

MPV's latest documentary is by far our most stormy. "Spirits in the Storm" is a new film that will take you to a remote mysterious area in Florida that has experienced centuries of different kinds of storms.

Featuring a cast of ghosthunters and historians (from The Real Haunted Mansion and Real Haunts) including the crew from Emerald Coast Paranormal and the expertise of Historian and Writer Dale Cox and the area's history expert Pam Fuqua.

This film vividly tells the stories of this area's tales-including Civil War battles, a Moonshiner's Murder, a mysterious ghost bride, Riverboat disasters, a Sea Lab tragedy and more. But the most stormy of all is Category 5 Hurricane Michael that exploded onto this area and wrecked havoc. You will experience first hand the power of the Hurricane and it's aftermath.

It truly is a powerful story that follows the cast over a period of 5 years. Check out our IMDB page for more information and trivia on this film


"Spirits in the Storm" is coming to a major network Fall 2019. Details soon.

Official "Spirits in the Storm" Poster

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