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3D Print Masters is streaming worldwide

Watch MPV's documentary film on Amazon Prime Video anywhere in the world. FREE with Prime too!

This film explores the fascinating world of 3D Printing and goes inside the Printing Caves of these top designers and reveals what this technology is really all about.

Meet Scott Tarcy from Charlotte, North Carolina. Scott owns and operates his own 3D Printing and Design business and reveals his secrets on technology and techniques. He explains how he made several interest products and introduces "THE Object", a creation originally created for the band Led Zepplin and now is featured on Pawn All-Stars! It's all here in this film.

Scott then heads over to Jeremy Proffitt's Printer Cave and is introduced to new techniques and technology as the 2 take on several 3D printing projects in Jeremy's awesome lair. Jeremy takes a cinematic tour of his creations which include a trip to the laser printer in Jeremy's own holiday delite! With special guest: his not too happy wife.

Bart Briggs is a full time engineer that has invented and designed many well known products. Bart joins Scott Tarcy in his Printer Cave and they explore the best and worse 3D Printers and embark on several projects, one which includes getting out on the streets of Charlotte.

Naomi Wu is an internet sensation.Her online video on 3D Printing are seen by millions around the world. In this film Naomi heads to the streets with her portable 3D Printer and experiences some strange results. She also reveals her list of favorite printers and methods.

Also, don't miss her 3d bikini tut!

Inventor David Frankel created his own business based on a 3D printed object and it has turned out to be a huge success. David joins Scott Tarcy and explains how he did it and shows the failures and the final results. Scott and David then head down to Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina to test his invention on business people walking by. Mr. Frankel also shares his personal story in this film.

3D Print Masters. Watch FREE with Prime!

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