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A Cat 5 Hurricane and a Swamp Bride

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

MPV's Original Documentary Spirits in the Storm takes you to an incredible haunted location in Florida with, yes, a Swamp Bride and hundreds of years of Paranormal Events. This film covers a 4 year period of investigations and of the events of a Paranormal Team who were the "Keepers" of The Bellamy Bridge and it's ghostly inhabitants until Category 5 Hurricane Michael blew through this very spot.

This film was originally created to capture the legends and myths of this unique area in rural Jackson County, Florida with well known Historian Dale Cox and the members of the Emerald Coast Paranormal Team. Our cameras followed their journeys inside miles of wooded, swampy areas and joined their investigations as we captured multiple strange events. We thought the story was complete until October 2018. That is when the strongest Hurricane ever to hit Northwest Florida was on it's way.

Hurricane Michael was a powerful hurricane that retained it's Category 5 status over landfall and into Jackson County. The great people we had just interviewed were in it's path along with the 100 year old Bellamy Bridge. So our cameras rolled again. This film depicts in graphic detail the destruction during and after the storm and the way it impacted every member of the cast.

We then reunited Tracy Todd, Susan Todd and Deidre Burgbacher from Emerald Coast Paranormal and Historian Dale Cox back at the Bellamy Bridge (4 years after the first shoot!) and began our journey through the fallen trees to find out what happened to the Bellamy Bridge. It was quite the emotional experience for everyone there and for our Production crew.

This film is more than just a ghost story (although it will be the strangest one you'll ever see!) it is also a human story. Going through a powerful force and facing life or death situations was something we didn't think we'd encounter on this project. We are happy to share their story with you in Spirits in the Storm.

The Bellamy Bridge in "Spirits in the Storm", a Documentary Film
The Oldest and Most Haunted Bridge in Florida

And our hearts go out to everyone in this Northwest Florida community that welcomed us with open arms for this project then went through the most destructive force of their lifetimes. And some are still rebuilding all these years later. This film is dedicated to you.

You can watch Spirits in the Storm on Tubi

And on Xumo

And Now on The Roku Channel! Here's the Official Roku Channel Trailer:

Thanks for watching and supporting this film all of this time. It has been viewed millions of times around the world and this new cut and version of the film is the most intimate view of the strange events that unfold. Spirits in the Storm. Rated PG-14 for Language and Scary Situations.

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