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Happy 4th Anniversary "The Real Haunted Mansion"!

Thank you for watching The Real Haunted Mansion for 4 years! It was about 5 years ago we first met the ghost hunting team from Panama City, Beach Florida, Emerald Coast Paranormal Concepts and historian Dale Cox for another movie about the Bellamy Bridge in rural Northwest Florida. It was on the shoot for Spirits in the Storm that we were introduced to this 150 year old real Southern Manor and it's stories and legends.

This mansion is in reality The Russ House located in the small town of Marianna in Northwest Florida USA. Most of the stories and history of the house come from Merritt Dekle, who's Aunt "Big Mama" is a main character in this film. Mr. Dekle's actual words and stories are told in the film lovingly by Jason Hedden, who is a professional actor and teacher from Panama City Beach, Florida.

Dale Cox is also featured in The Real Haunted Mansion. Mr. Cox is a lifelong Florida resident who has researched and written about this house and it's area in more detail than anyone in history.

Florida Tourism and Lifelong Resident Pam Fuqua also tells the tales of the Russ House that have been passed along from generation to generation. These invaluable stories are preserved from Ms. Fuqua in this film.

Since the making of this film, the Haunted Mansion has survived deterioration and a Category 5 Hurricane (Michael in 2018) to continue to serve as the tourist center of Marianna and a free attraction for anyone who stops by. They do survive on donations so drop a few bucks in the bucket if you visit please-and do visit because it is fascinating and beautiful. The film will come to life when you walk through the rooms of this historic landmark.

Watch The Real Haunted Mansion FREE on Tubi TV. And thank you to everyone who has supported this film for 4 years. Your comments really make our day, especially when you discover you love this mansion as much as we do. Here's to another 100 years!

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