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Meet an AREA 51 Ex Employee

In MPV's new Documentary Real Haunts: Ghost Towns, you'll meet Tony Werly, Ghost Town Owner and ex employee of Area 51. In this new film, Mr. Werly reveals all he legally can about the mysterious area known as Area 51, located on the "Test Range" in Nevada.

It turns out this area is not so mysterious after all as the truth of really what happens there is revealed by a first hand source. We have also discovered rare 1950s films of Cold War Area 51 that we have digitally restored and present for the first time in this film.

We also spend an average day at a Ghost Town with Tony and his wife Bobbie Werly who reside in the famous Eldorado Canyon, an area packed with rich history from the gold mining to the murders to the gruesome discoveries to the Civil War refugees and much more that come alive in our new installment of Real Haunts.

We thank the Werlys for trusting us to tell their story. Their life is like a crazy fairy tale. 40 years ago they gave up their home in Boulder City, Nevada after Mr. Werly retired from Area 51 and bought and moved into an old Mining Man Camp. This newly formed 'ghost town' is in remote Nelson, Nevada located just a few minutes from the Colorado River in Eldorado Canyon and about 40 minutes from Las Vegas. And yes, they really do live and sleep there every day and night!

The film takes you inside the Werly's lives as they share their professional and personal stories and answer the big question-"What's it like to live in a ghost town?".

The Werlys have welcomed many famous guests to their town over the years, including the cast and crew from movies, tv shows and music video, who all shot on their front doorstep. We revisit these famous locations in Real Haunts: Ghost Towns and let you know what the Werlys thought of Donnie and Marie, Kevin Costner, Journey, Kirk Russell, Beyonce and others!

It's a Real Haunts journey we hope you'll enjoy as we take you, not only to Tony and Bobbie's Ghost Town, but also deep inside the mines on their property with a Paranormal Family where we discover much more! REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS premiering early 2021 on a Major Streaming Network tba soon.

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