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Production at 8500 feet

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Mt. Potosi is a mere 15 miles from the Las Vegas strip, but there are very few signs of the glitz here at 8500 feet. Right now the Las Vegas strip is completely closed, shut down to contain and protect. We began this documentary early in 2020 and this production day was scheduled and we knew we wouldn't see anyone at all, so we continued with cameras and mics in hand.

The new film, still untitled, will reveal the real story of the tragedy that occurred on this mountain in 1942. On the foggy night of January 16th, a plane crashed into these peaks and killed actress Carole Lombard and her Mother-along with 20 other people in a fiery moment.

for MPV's new Carole Lombard Documentary
Production at 8500 feet

After the crash, Carole's husband Clark Gable flew to Las Vegas and joined the Search and Rescue team in their journey to the crash sight.

at Mt. Potosi, near Las Vegas, Nevada
Clark Gable joins the Search and Rescue Team

This new documentary will reveal newly found footage of Clark Gable and the expert team that risked their lives in searching though wreckage scattered on the steep face of this snow covered mountain. You will also discover the rich life and career of the incredible Carole Lombard and be taken back to the 1930s and 40s toe the glamorous days of old Hollywood.

We are also assembling an expert team that will be following Mr. Gable's footsteps and climbing to the crash site with our film crew. What we will find we do not know-what is known is that the wreckage is still there, preserved by state laws and by most people's respect for this area.

Due to the current situation and health concerns, our expedition to the wreck site with a cast of experts has been postponed for now. All participants will rejoin us when it is safe for all. This documentary will tell the story of Carole Lombard and Clark Gable at this actual location-we will explore the rich history of this area and hear from people who live and work just minutes from here and people who have researched this subject for many years. We are gathering everyone together for a sacred journey to the top of Mt. Potosi, retracing the steps of the tragic journey of the Rescue Team from nearly 80 years ago.

The incredible part is, this location is frozen in time-virtually untouched since 1942. We felt very surreal with everything happening in the world but we will continue on with telling the stories that need to be revealed. Right now only essential businesses in Las Vegas are open with the Strip dark and we will be abiding by all the laws and restrictions in place. And, like you, wonder what is going to happen next.

Work continues on this project with a release date soon. Please stay safe!

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of this documentary, please contact our Executive Producer Gina Watson

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