The Beard of Knowledge Joins REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Mark Hall Patton in Motion Picture Video's Documentary Film "Real Haunts: Ghost Towns"
Mark Hall-Patton is your ghost host in MPV's Real Haunts: Ghost Towns

MPV happy to announce that the "Beard of Knowledge" himself, Mark Hall-Patton has joined the cast of REAL HAUNTS: GHOST TOWNS. This new documentary film explores the myth and history of America's ghost towns like never before. Mr. Patton, a regular on the hit tv show "Pawn Stars" on HIstory Channel, uncovers the secrets of Nevada's ghost towns and reveals crazy details about the area and it's unique inhabitants.

We captured Mr. Patton at the awesome Clark County Museum in Las Vegas, where they have set up a mock Ghost Town featuring historic structures from past Vegas attractions! The full story is told in this new film. Plus new details on Goldfield Ghost Town, Gold Point, Nelson Ghost Town and the legends of the Eldorado Canyon. Plus a couple of inside Pawn Stars stories as well about a mysterious object and more!